Beach Newsletters

Neighborhood Newsletters

Separate Newsletters are printed in four areas – Indian Rocks Beach, the Belleair Area, Clearwater Beach and Downtown St. Petersburg.

Each issue, published every other month, is mailed to all occupied homes in the mailing area. The Newsletters contain articles and information residents will find interesting. It is definitely worth reading.


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Below is an overview of the types of information contained in a typical issue of the Newsletter … and it includes lots of pictures:

–  All the important city and community phone numbers
–  County Commission and State Representatives contact information
–  Community events
–  Community business and restaurant news
–  Calendar of local events
–  Civic Association News and events
–  History of the area
–  Information about individual residents
–  Local interest stories about your neighborhood activities
–  Articles about past and future city events
–  Homeowners Association activities
–  Coupons and discounts only available to city residents Look for your copy, in your mailbox!